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Pollack blitz


Well what can I say the weather we have had the past month has been fantastic. It would be rude not to go fishing so that’s exactly what I have been doing. Pollack are a great species to target with lrf gear as the sport can be fast and the takes furious. I had a session recently that was intended to concentrate more on wrasse but the sheer amount of pollack attacking baits made it hard to get the soft lures down through the water levels. I fished 2gm-3.5gm heads and done some dropshotting for the pollack too using all manner of soft baits. DSCF2738DSCF2733DSCF2729

Before the tide flooded into some large pools I took the opportunity to scale the gear down even further to a 1gm ball jig head with a size 12 hook. Took several scorpion fish on a small section of gulp sandworm before going back to fish the pollack into darkness – Pure madness thereafter as pollack were landed every cast until I decided to call it a night.


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