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Paul and John spent two days in Wexford this week with the aim to improve there lure fishing skills. They are both very capable anglers having focused previously on catching Brown Trout in rivers. Of course the rivers are not always suitable to fish due to water levels being poor at times so as a result they wisely chose to have a second resort to fall back on which is saltwater lure fishing.

LRF Pollack Wexford

Lrf WexfordA two day workshop was spent learning new techniques and methods both on and off the water. Light Rock Fishing was the main point of interest with a crossover also into the similar but somewhat heavier Hard Rock Fishing.

LRF Ballan Wrasse

Over the two days we fished in four very different locations so the lads could get a feel for the various challenges and opportunities each area represents. The second day the wind really got up and made it difficult at times to fish ultra light but some new species were landed and fun was had.

Paul and John remained focused and caught a good number of fish on each venue and go home happy and determined to use what they have learned during there short stay here in Wexford and apply it to there own local venues.

It was a pleasure to work with such good company over the two days and I am delighted that they go home happy with the skills required to catch more fish. They go home having experienced not only the fishing but the local history, scenery and some good Wexford eateries too.



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