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Bait Collection Workshops


Bait Digging and collection

Do you struggle to get the fresh bait you require when you want it? Have you considered collecting your own but feel it is too much commitment or too difficult?

Here at SEAS we can show you the skills and equipment you need to collect your own quality bait and store it effectively. Having a large range of quality baits is something often overlooked and as a result many anglers catch less fish or a smaller range of species when fishing.

LimpetsCollecting your own bait is much more cost effective than purchasing it and the more organized you are the cheaper it becomes. Preparation is the key to catching fish and it is well known that the most successful anglers are the most prepared.

Advice is given on how to get the best out of your baits including correct presentations, tidal sequences, weather, seasons and much more tips, tricks and techniques. Everything you need to know is covered in this workshop from the very basic to the more advanced. It consists of two parts the discussion or theory indoors and the hands on part when we collect some bait.

RagwormEach workshop is bespoke to your requirements and locations also remain flexible where possible. If you would like to book simply get in touch by using the contact page. Bookings are available for the full twelve months of the year for all our services to suit you the angler.



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