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Ultra Light Fishing

LRF Pouting  A short but enjoyable session recently was spent in the local harbour and as usual when using the ultra   light tackle it didn’t disappoint.

Drop shotting fished very slowly proved effective in landing lots of small fish with some bigger ones      also to keep the drag on the reel clicking. Species landed were Pollack, Rock Goby and Pouting.


ultra light caught pollack    LRF Rock Goby

A 1000 Shimano reel was mounted on a Tronix Rockfish rod with lines being 3kg braid and a 3kg flurocarbon leader. End tackle was simply a hook and some split shot – Its only as complicated or as simple as you wish to make it…




Fly fishing for bass under the moonlit sky.

‘Night time Is a time when being alone on the shoreline on the rocks or beach with the stars or grey clouds or blackness of clouds with no moon, can bring you so very close to full awareness of the mystery of life that we are witness to. I don’t know why this Is so and I never will know. I feel It though, feel It so strongly when I walk In those places where no one Is, except me and other nocturnal beings’ 

Source: Ken Abrames – A Perfect Fish.


Fly fishing for bass under the moonlit sky.Yesterday evening was spent eagerly waiting for a weather pattern to emerge not wanting to miss any opportunity.

Saltwater fly fishing for Bass under the bright moonlit sky as the wind swung south west and increased in speed was challenging but very rewarding.

Casting flies into headwinds, battling with oxygenated rich waves as the fast incoming tide pushes white water around your boots is all part of the Irish Bass fishing experience, As is the anticipation of hooking into that big fish and seeing the line rush off the reel as you assure yourself that all knots and loops are in order and sufficient backing clinches the end of the spool.

The rod of choice last night was the Echo Edge 9ft  #8 that and much more swff equipment is available here. Self made tapered leaders and various flies were cast on Guideline coastal & Scientific angler lines loaded on Vision Koma and Okuma Airframe reels.

September Bass

Currently the Bass are in prime condition and fighting hard to prove it. Conditions were favourable yesterday to fish some specific locations into darkness. Standard lure fishing tackle was used with an 8ft rod rated to cast 10-40gm and matching 3000 sized reel loaded with 20lb braid. Soft stickbait lures rigged weedless landed all the fish last night retrieved very slowly across weed beds and rocky outcrops.

Bass on soft plastic

The fishing is tough and has been for some time now but this time of year with the Bass in such good condition you never know what can happen if you get out there and put the work in fishing as effectively as possible.

Night caught bass on lureNight fishing using fly or lures can be difficult transition at first but rewarding once you build up confidence. Many locations produce more fish in darkness and some venues produce only at night.

Just don’t take notice of the strange sounds and wildlife or get too spooked!

Salty Fly Fishing

The challenge that is saltwater fly fishing – Never give up – Kevin didn’t.

Kevin SWFF in Wexford Swff

There seems to be a perception by some that you can catch large numbers of big Irish bass with minimal effort. The reality is that fishing for bass in Ireland is not easy by any means and the angler must put in the hard work before results follow.

We had a good day today, Tough conditions as expected but very enjoyable.