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September Bass


Currently the Bass are in prime condition and fighting hard to prove it. Conditions were favourable yesterday to fish some specific locations into darkness. Standard lure fishing tackle was used with an 8ft rod rated to cast 10-40gm and matching 3000 sized reel loaded with 20lb braid. Soft stickbait lures rigged weedless landed all the fish last night retrieved very slowly across weed beds and rocky outcrops.

Bass on soft plastic

The fishing is tough and has been for some time now but this time of year with the Bass in such good condition you never know what can happen if you get out there and put the work in fishing as effectively as possible.

Night caught bass on lureNight fishing using fly or lures can be difficult transition at first but rewarding once you build up confidence. Many locations produce more fish in darkness and some venues produce only at night.

Just don’t take notice of the strange sounds and wildlife or get too spooked!



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