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LRF Coalfish

CrabWith Halloween festivities in full swing tonight I decided to go Light Rock Fishing fishing in what was a pretty bleak evening.

It is quite satisfying when you make the decision to go out in the wind and rain and all goes according to plan. Its not always that simple but you must have realistic targets for the conditions your faced with.

Impromptu LRF sessions are fantastic when time is limited and many other locations or methods are ruled out or at least very difficult in conditions such as tonight. There is always some harbour, pier or sheltered bay to hide with a chance of catching some fish on the light tackle.

Coalfish LRF

Tackle as always remained simple being a small 1000 sized Shimano reels on rods rated up to 5 grams loaded with 3kg PowerPro braid and flurocarbon tippet.

Coalfish were so abundant tonight attacking lures on the drop high up in the water column it was difficult to avoid them. Each cast produced a fish or at least a few knocks, Great fun!  With the odd bigger winter fish currently being caught it is only a short wait until things become more interesting.


World shore angling championships 2013

Team Ireland set off to Spain competing for the 2013 world shore angling championships held 19-26th October based in sunny Torremolinos. Countries represented were Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Scotland, Spain, France, Wales, Holland, England, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Tunisia.

Team Ireland - Angling

The Irish team and management were as follows: Brian Cooke, John O Brien, Martin Howlin, William Wier, Brendan Wall, Michael Mullane and Tom Lillis.

The winners after four days angling were the host nation Spain with Wales second and England taking third place. Ireland finished seventh overall with John the best Irish individual placed 13th. The French women took top spot followed by Spain and Portugal.

Well done too all involved for putting a huge effort into representing and organizing such an event. Might be some time away but the world championships are taking place locally here in Wexford, Ireland in 2016!

For full results and pictures of the event follow this link: http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2Fwordpress.fapd.net%2Fblog%2F2013%2F10%2F16%2Flos-campeonatos-del-mundo-de-mar-costa-en-torremolinos%2F

Schoolie Bass

With the water temp at met buoy 5 currently reading 14.6 c and mackerel still chasing sprat ashore the past few days it really is hard to believe November is so close. Change is however slowly happening with winter species appearing and proper winter weather forecast too.

schoolie bass

Ragworms, lugworms and peeler crab was collected once again this week with the hope of catching some bass and perhaps some other species also. A specific section of a mixed ground beach was chosen because of its previous ability to produce fish in similar conditions to what we are currently experiencing.

The location choice proved correct as schoolie bass were landed on a regular basis throughout the session hitting fast and hard in the nice surf. Other species landed on the night were whiting, codling, rockling and flatfish. Bigger baits were fished in the rolling surf and as a result hook sizes used were from size 2’s – 1/0’s on simple paternoster rigs. 

shore caught rocklingIf you would like to book a guided trip over the winter months or attend a workshop to learn or improve your angling techniques simply get in touch using the contact page.

Codling   Flatfish caught on lugworm

Bait Fishing

Fresh peeler crabThis week saw the arrival of cold offshore winds that can make the fishing difficult but not impossible. Lugworms were dug and fresh peeler crab was collected in preparation for a few midweek bait fishing trips.






Waiting On Wednesday evening an east coast beach was chosen along with long rods capable of casting a few ounces, rung for fixed spool reels pushed 3 hook flappers made up with mostly Sakuma components into the light rolling surf. Two rods were set up providing action from the off with 6 flounders on the beach within minutes. Flounders were landed in singles and doubles for the rest of the evening to keep us entertained.

The following evening from a local pier another good fishing session was had with lots of fish landed on the same baits and equipment as the night previous. Flounders, Whiting, Poor cod, Codling and eels were all feeding well to ensure a busy night unhooking.

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Won’t be long now before the winter species arrive in larger numbers and size. The bait freezers are overflowing so here’s hoping for a good winter ahead.

Brown Trout

Returning a fly caught brown troutIts the time of year again when the Brown Trout fishing on local waters comes to an end so It would be rude not to put an effort in to catch some fly caught brownies before the 2013 season draws to a close.

During the summer the fishing in local rivers and stillwater’s became difficult due to low water levels and bright conditions. Of course catching fish is still possible in such conditions but compared to when water levels are more favourable there is no comparison as far as catch rate is concerned. Recent rainfall has produced much improved freshwater fishing opportunities as this report shows.

fly caught brown trout#4 and #5 wt fly rods loaded with floating double tapered and weight forward lines, long leaders and beaded nymph variations caught these hard fighting fish. Many presentations can be promptly altered by adapting the weight of the fly’s and length of leader and of course retrieve type.

fly caught brown trout

The photo above shows a nice sized mature male fish which is easily identified by the strongly curved or upturned lower jaw, Great fighting fish on 5wt tackle!