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CrabWith Halloween festivities in full swing tonight I decided to go Light Rock Fishing fishing in what was a pretty bleak evening.

It is quite satisfying when you make the decision to go out in the wind and rain and all goes according to plan. Its not always that simple but you must have realistic targets for the conditions your faced with.

Impromptu LRF sessions are fantastic when time is limited and many other locations or methods are ruled out or at least very difficult in conditions such as tonight. There is always some harbour, pier or sheltered bay to hide with a chance of catching some fish on the light tackle.

Coalfish LRF

Tackle as always remained simple being a small 1000 sized Shimano reels on rods rated up to 5 grams loaded with 3kg PowerPro braid and flurocarbon tippet.

Coalfish were so abundant tonight attacking lures on the drop high up in the water column it was difficult to avoid them. Each cast produced a fish or at least a few knocks, Great fun!  With the odd bigger winter fish currently being caught it is only a short wait until things become more interesting.



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