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Pawel Strikes Silver

Pawel did not waste any time applying his skills developed from last weeks lure fishing workshop. He happily shared this picture with me today of a 48cm bass caught on a IMA Komomo.

I am sure he will have a successful 2014 bass fishing along Waterford’s Copper Coast.

Copper coast bass


Pawel – The Copper Coast

Pawel took advantage of a Lure Fishing Workshop on Friday. A few hours were spent in the morning outlining the ‘need to know’ over a warm coffee before the afternoon session on the water where methods and techniques were put into practice. Thanks Pawel. Lure fishing Workshop

Lure fishing Workshop  Grauvell lure rod & pezon reel

Irish Pike

Its always good to mix things up a little so as a result a Pike fishing trip was on the cards. Here at South East Angling Services freshwater services are also available.

Pike fishing using deadbaits and shadsStatic deadbaits and shads produced some nicely conditioned pike this week. No doubles but still nice fish!

Medium strength lure rods from Grauvell were used with 4000 sized pezon reels loaded with 30lb power pro braided lines. A short length of suitable steel at the business end ensured no pike could bite through with barbless treble hooks being used for the deadbaiting.

Irish pike fishing


Many options exist for saltwater anglers during poor weather.

Freshwater fishing using lures, fly or bait for Pike, Perch and Trout provides excellent and often overlooked sport.

Christmas Gifts

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This wonderful Three Bearded Rockling was caught recently over mixed ground. Swallowing a fresh mackerel fillet on a pulley rig with 4/0 Sakuma Manta’s was no problem. And on the first cast too!

It fell just short of the ISFC specimen size which is 0.794 kg or 1.75lbs.


Prime Irish Bass

Crashing waveThe wind howled, the rain poured, the sea choppy, conditions were great and the Bass were aggressively taking lures!

Some fabulous much welcomed sport was had this week lure fishing for Bass in what was a brief window of opportunity. All of the bass caught this week were in prime condition, Bars of silver fighting very hard.

On one occasion a very nice fish gently took a feed shallow and took off about thirty yards to my left giving one vigorous head shake and in doing so spat the hook, Can only wonder if it could of been another double figure fish….

The biggest Bass of many landed was 5.5lbs and a list of tackle used is below:

Rod/Reel: Grauvell Teklon Concept  & Pezon Gunki sw

LuresSlug-go, Wave worm, One up Shad, Tackle House Feed shallow, Duo Tide Minnow, Subsurface walkers.

Hungry bass takes feed shallowThe bass and its protection.

Lure fishing for bass is challenging and demanding to both the angler and his or her equipment. The successful Bass angler must be able to anticipate and take advantage of each opportunity as it unfolds. The ‘when’ and ‘where’.

Lure caught Irish Bass

Water temperature remains quite high considering its mid November. Prospects for the Bass angler will remain challenging but positive for another short while if conditions allow fishing to take place productively. Cold weather forecast next week.

All fish were released unharmed after taking scale samples and various details for IFI’s National Bass Program. Bass are such a slow growing fish it is important we treat them with care for the future good of our fishery.

A short video of conditions during a recent trip out:

Coalfish In Abundance

Crazy numbers of coalies recently, Good fun now and again.
Triple catch of coalfish

A Dab Hand

With a fishing trip planned next morning the car was packed in advance with bait fishing and bait digging equipment. Upon awaking the following morning it quickly became evident that spare clothing would be required in the car because of the horrible conditions outdoors. Thankfully the forecast was for an improved evening.

A short drive to a local bait digging location to top up supply was required. Thirty minutes digging and plenty of lugworms were in the bucket to accompany the ragworms,crab and mackerel that was collected and prepared at an earlier stage.

Sand Dab caught on crab

All set for fishing and the weather had improved slightly as forecast, The poor weather earlier in the day seemed to have revoked other anglers from heading out as it was very quiet locally.

Tackle was promptly set up with clipped down rigs baited and cast out. It did not take long for the first fish a fair sized whiting to be landed. Most casts thereafter produced either whiting, codling’s or some very nice sized sand dabs.

Sea Temp is slowly decreasing with Met buoy 5 currently reading 13.2 degrees.

Whiting caught on lug/mackerel  A small codling