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Prime Irish Bass


Crashing waveThe wind howled, the rain poured, the sea choppy, conditions were great and the Bass were aggressively taking lures!

Some fabulous much welcomed sport was had this week lure fishing for Bass in what was a brief window of opportunity. All of the bass caught this week were in prime condition, Bars of silver fighting very hard.

On one occasion a very nice fish gently took a feed shallow and took off about thirty yards to my left giving one vigorous head shake and in doing so spat the hook, Can only wonder if it could of been another double figure fish….

The biggest Bass of many landed was 5.5lbs and a list of tackle used is below:

Rod/Reel: Grauvell Teklon Concept  & Pezon Gunki sw

LuresSlug-go, Wave worm, One up Shad, Tackle House Feed shallow, Duo Tide Minnow, Subsurface walkers.

Hungry bass takes feed shallowThe bass and its protection.

Lure fishing for bass is challenging and demanding to both the angler and his or her equipment. The successful Bass angler must be able to anticipate and take advantage of each opportunity as it unfolds. The ‘when’ and ‘where’.

Lure caught Irish Bass

Water temperature remains quite high considering its mid November. Prospects for the Bass angler will remain challenging but positive for another short while if conditions allow fishing to take place productively. Cold weather forecast next week.

All fish were released unharmed after taking scale samples and various details for IFI’s National Bass Program. Bass are such a slow growing fish it is important we treat them with care for the future good of our fishery.

A short video of conditions during a recent trip out:


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