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Windy Weather


The weather has been very mild and overall pretty good in the latter stages of 2013. The winds more  recently have been blowing pretty strongly from a southerly based direction which has restricted fishing many locations. The forecast for the coming week is showing no real improvement either with strong winds and some heavy rain predicted. The water temperature however is holding off nicely at 10.1 deg  (Met Buoy 5).

Right now on the Wexford coast the winds are blowing from the southwest 37 kn gusting 52 kn and are due to increase into the evening. Met Eireann issued parts of the northwest coast on Red warning for the next 24 hours with winds gusting up to maximum of 150kms predicted!

As always take care out there when near the coast or fishing, If in doubt do not go out. Perhaps when this wind dies down we will have an opportunity to catch some nice cod! Until then LRF in very sheltered locations for mini species or perhaps some freshwater fishing for rainbow trout on fly and lure will be in order.
Rough weather in wexford



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