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Bass On Lures – Equipment Basics.

The bass and its protection.So you have just started or are considering taking up lure fishing for Bass and are confused about equipment selection. What length rod?  What size reel for what size rod? Braid or Mono? What lures do I need?  In this short Blog post we will discuss the basics about bass fishing equipment.

Firstly regarding rod and reel selection it must be a balanced outfit that is fit for purpose. You must be able to cast and retrieve lures effectively in a correct manner to aid presentation. Before you buy ask yourself where you intend fishing and what action type, size and weight lure you intend using?  It varies with personal preference but generally speaking a fast action rod of 8 feet in length casting 10-35 gm with a 3000 sized reel is about right. There are lots of makes and models to pick from so choose wisely.

Grauvell lure rod & pezon reel

Regarding lines the vast majority anglers choose braided lines with a short flurocarbon leader of approximately 20lb breaking strain. The two main types of braid are standard three or four strand woven such as PowerPro which give a flat or square profile and newer eight stranded lines like Daiwa Tournament or Sunline Cast Away which achieve low diameter rounded profiles. The Allbright, Reverse Allbright  (Yucatan) are all popular knots to join braid to flurocarbon but use whatever knot you feel comfortable tying.

See here for step by step knots.

Braid and Flurocarbon

Lure selection is most daunting for the beginner. Something I see on a regular basis and indeed I did when I began lure fishing was to carry too many lures, problem being many of them were too similar to each other. Without mentioning specific lures the main thing is to ensure you have lures to cover varied depths with different profiles/actions. You should be quite content with 6 or 8 lures and maybe a dozen soft plastics. When buying lures think about lure type, depth, action, profile then lastly consider colour choice. Think representation not imitation.

Soft lures rigged on weedless or texas hooks/jigs reduce snags and unwanted debris. Do not fish a Jig or weighted hook that is too heavy. Using only a wading jacket or a small lure bag will restrict the amount you can carry which is a good thing. Confidence in the lures you fish is very important.

Hard Lures Soft Lures

Other items include:

Lightweight Waders and Jacket.

Unhooking tools are essential for your own safety and the welfare of the fish.

A small spool of leader material in case of a break off.

Spare lure clips & Jigs/Hooks.

Wading staff for safety.

Spare spool loaded with line.

The marine environment is tough on your tackle so treat it with the respect it deserves. Servicing reels takes little time as does washing your gear (including lures) with freshwater after a long day out lure fishing. Having your equipment is good working order ensures many mishaps do not happen. Lure rods are delicate so a simple inexpensive thing like a plastic tube in your car will protect them greatly.

Expensive equipment is not a requirement for successful bass fishing. Buy practical gear that works not what is ‘in fashion’ at the time. Spend your money wisely is my advice, do not spend a great deal of money before understanding more about what you intend buying and how or why it works.

Sea Bass on lures

If you are interested in taking up lure fishing for Bass or wish to develop your existing skills further our workshops are a great way to kick start the 2014 season off to a good start.



The South East Angling Services stand was busy all weekend at the angling show in Dublin. It was a pleasure to be a part of the event which to be honest exceeded my expectations from an exhibitors point of view. Talking about all things angling with friends, contacts, exhibitors and customers both old and new was a huge part of the positive experience. The Saltwater flies on display were very well received so perhaps more of that in 2014.

Angling Show Table

I would like to thank everyone for coming along to our stand. Feel free to email over any further enquiries or questions you may have. I look forward to providing Guided services and Workshops to each of you in the near future.


The famous Keith Barry popped in for a chat, some bass fishing on the cards in 2014 perhaps.

Tight Lines!


Irish Angling Show.

The Irish Angling Show is taking place this Saturday and Sunday in the National Show Centre, Swords, Co. Dublin. Doors open from 10am each day.

South East Angling Services will be exhibiting to showcase available services and to answer any questions you may have. Stand F4 which is just inside the venues main entrance is where we are based so do pop over to introduce yourself.

Business Card

Many people throughout 2013 have expressed keen interest in purchasing our saltwater flies so as a result a selection of sw patterns will be available to purchase over the weekend.

Clousers and deceivers

If you have considered booking a Workshop or Guided day come along to discuss creating your bespoke angling package.

See you all there!

Rainbows And Browns

With last weekends forecast looking poor due to high winds it was decided that myself and Jay would take advantage of the reasonable day that was forecast midweek. A stocked fishery was chosen that can produce some good sized hard fighting rainbow and brown trout.

30-01-14 (17)

On arrival the conditions looked fair with high hopes to have a good days angling ahead. Fly and light lure rods were set up and before no time we were fishing. Most fisheries (rightly so) will not openly allow or advertise any form of lure fishing but if you ask fishery owners kindly explaining the use of light guage, single barbless hooks and great care taken there is often no problem. Fishing in a responsible manner with the correct equipment it places no extra stress on the fish than alternative methods.

Brown Trout

I started fishing the fly rod with sinking line, short leader down to a olive damsel on the point. Jay geared up his Tiro 1-12gm lure rod with a 4gm Hansen lure and was the first into a small brownie after ten minutes. Some fish were showing interest but it was decided a move was in order to a different area of the lake. We caught browns and rainbows on a regular basis to about 2lbs on lure and fly breaking for lunch with perhaps thirty fish including a first fish on the fly for Jay.


During lunch tactics were discussed and I decided to pack away the fly rod to fish lures for the afternoon. The remainder of the day produced fish almost every cast to the point where we stopped fishing several times. Typically fish took on the drop or during a pause in the retrieve. Effective lures on the day were as follows:

Metals:  Ima Gun, Hansen Stripper,  Small Wedges & Mepps (all modified before use)

Soft lures: Tronix HTO shads, Ecogear minnows, Daiwa dfin shads all on 3gm jig heads.

Quick hooking along with barbless hooks ensured fish were landed and returned in seconds without handling the fish at all. We estimated that we caught 100+ fish for our efforts, Not bad fishing for January.

Rainbow Trout

There is a large number of stocked fisheries in all parts of the country that offer good angling from boat and shore so get out there and enjoy what they have to offer. If you would like to learn the skills necessary to successfully target rainbow trout or brown trout using lure or fly get in touch.  All equipment can be provided if required.


Rainbow, Cropped