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Jigs n Hooks


There is a vast selection of products currently available to present soft lures. In this post we discuss some of these products and there applications focused on Bass fishing but applicable in many ways across the board.

Be aware that each of the below might look similar but offer very different presentations. The amount or positioning of weight or lure rigged will affect action greatly.


Standard Jig head.

Jig head

Standard heads are prone to snagging up more often and collecting debris on or below the surface which all leads to possible tackle losses. If your loosing jigs your loosing lures, clips and most important valuable fishing time is wasted tying new leader knots and so on. Of most benefit over clean ground or when vertical fishing from harbour walls or boats.


Weedless or Texas Jig Head.

Texas jig heads  weedless jig head

Texas heads are a little more expensive than a standard head but if your loosing less it balances out cost. You can fish these pretty much anywhere with little hardship therefore maximizing time spent fishing. With all weedless options you can tuck the hook point into the lure slightly to further aid its effectiveness.


Weighted weedless hook.

weighted hook Weighted hook for soft lures

Many weighted hooks come fitted with a spring like attachment called a Hitch-Hiker, you must ‘screw’ the lure on to the Hitch-Hiker before inserting the hook. Good practice before inserting the hook point through the lure is to ensure the positioning is correct by offering it up beside the hook to guage its correct position. Note the varied position of the weight on each hook type, this will affect its action greatly.


Unweighted weedless hook.

weedless hook

You can cast these into the roughest ground. Most importantly you can retrieve them very slowly which is a great advantage when water temperatures are low, or for big fish. With the right lure you can also skim lures on or just below the surface, this provides a great visual aspect using soft lures.


Cone headsCone heads or drilled bullets placed above the hook offer a simple alternative to a Jig. As you can see the cone head is placed up the leader before tying on the hook and rigging the lure. You can use a stopknot to hold in position or simply let it run freely on the line.


Below shows two more options to rig a soft lure, Wacky and Dropshot style.

Rigging styles

The weight of jigs and weighted hooks you carry will depend on the water depth and tidal situation in your area. The majority of what I use locally when bass fishing would be from 3-7 gram. I would say in most cases you should aim to fish as light as possible. To balance or to add weight to a lure you can insert tungsten ‘nail weights’ into the lure. I must mention that all hook sizes vary greatly between manufactures so choose a Jig or hook that has sufficient gape for the lure you intend using to aid hooking fish.

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