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Stocked Trout


Long bright evenings are slowly approaching with the water temperatures rising also the fish are becoming much more active. Air temperatures are below average for the time of year which made for some very enjoyable early morning and late evening sessions recently.

Stocked stillwater fisheries make for some exciting sport all year round and are readily available throughout the country. Many of these fisheries are spring fed or have some source of natural water flowing into them so as a result they also might hold native fish.


rainbow trout


Where possible fishing light tackle is the route I generally choose regardless of target species. Fishing a 3/4 weight or 4/5 weight rod in stocked fisheries might seem too light to many people but I find such equipment a pleasure to fish with and perfectly practical for most fisheries.

The # 4/5 Airflo setup was utilised greatly on recent sessions with floating or slow sinking weight forward lines, 6 lbs leader with fly choice being a variety of small beaded nymphs all tied to represent each areas natural available food life. Short fan casts covering all areas retrieved using a slow figure of eight worked in most cases with fish taking furiously and fighting extremely hard all the way to the net. Mostly well built rainbows with some nice browns landed for good measure ensured we were busy and quite content anglers.


brown trout


Taking great notice of surrounding activity and putting observations into action can improve your results greatly. If you are struggling but do manage to catch a fish and intend keeping it perhaps use a marrow spoon to inspect what the fish was feeding on prior to taking your fly.




If you would like to learn more about this type of fishing by taking part in a Workshop get in touch using the contact page to arrange your bespoke package at a location and time to suit your needs.






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