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Smooth Hound’s


Smooth Hounds (Mustelas asterias) provide great sport during the summer months with Wexford beaches showing large numbers of hard fighting smoothies each year, double figure specimens are always a strong possibility. Common and Starry Smooth Hound are a both members of the shark family.

Bait fishing using fresh or frozen peeler crab baits is the most common method. When peeler is not available Hermit crab is a good alternative as can Ragworm be especially when hounds are available in large numbers.  Recent sessions saw plenty of smoothies caught along with the occasional dogfish.


smooth hound


DSC_0812 fish


If you would like to successfully target Smooth Hounds get in touch to create your bespoke Workshop or Guided day, all equipment and baits are provided where needed and a great overall experience is always on the cards.






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