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Sunny Wexford

bass fishing wexford


Niall and John visited Wexford for some Bass fishing earlier in the week, Some fish were provoked into attacking surface lures but overall its tough going along the coast.

Thanks again lads hopefully we can do it again in the future, was an enjoyable day with plenty of laughs throughout.


Bass Fishing Workshop – Lure & Fly

Three dedicated river anglers visited for a workshop this week with a view of developing new skills, specifically bass fishing techniques using lure and fly. The transition from fresh to saltwater can be a daunting experience but Tom, Peter and Peter Jnr adapted well to the challenging saltwater environment especially Peter Jnr who was saltwater fly fishing for the first time casting nine inch flatwings on a #8 rod in strong tidal flows no problem.
saltwater fly fishing workshop




bass fishing workshop


Tuition both on and off the water ensured that by the end of the workshop day they were fully equipped with all the relevant skills and information required to successfully target bass and and salty sea trout too. Thanks again lads and tight lines.


rays fly variant rods and reels Walk the dog lure, heddon spook jnr









Light Rock Fishing – Wexford

Light Rock Fishing or LRF as It is known is becoming more and more popular locally as anglers realise the potential rewards can be well worth the investment. LRF It seems Is appealing to anglers because It can be applied in many different location types targeting practically any species across all twelve months of the year, It Is also a great way to get kids involved In fishing and for those who have very limited time available for successful impromptu midweek sessions.
Lure caught pollack



One evening session this week at a low water venue produced dozens of fish mostly pollack taking soft lures on the drop (OTD) but also some Scorpion fish and Blenny’s were landed. The pollack were hammering baits frantically just below the surface over the mixed ground so much so before dark fishing with only a jig head without any lure actually increased the hook up rate.


DSC_0068  Blenny




Rod: Pontoon 21 Gancho 1.5-8.0 gr.

Reel: Shimano Catana 1000 fb.

Line: PowerPro 3kg &  6lbs Flurocarbon Leader.

End Tackle: Texas hooks, cone weights, jig heads and various soft lures.


Pontoon 21 The Pontoon 21 Gancho range of rods are superb value for money with a high quality  finish and large selection of available casting weights and lengths to suit many lure fishing  applications. I have been aware of this brand for only a few months but impressions so far  are very good indeed – Time will tell.






Surface Action – Bass

Lucky Craft Gunnish lureAs you gaze patiently at your lure popping,walking or skimming the waters surface excitement and confidence builds with each and every cast, seeing a bass following a lure often attempting to grab the lure several times before attacking the lure with full force then stripping braid off your reel at speed is quite an exciting spectacle to say the least.


Myself and Billy fished using nothing only surface lures on a few occasions this week producing fish in pristine condition to about 6lbs weight. Lures such as Heddon Super Spook, Yo-Zuri Mag Poppers and Lucky Craft Gunfish were attacked just meters from the shoreline.


07-145      6lbs bass

All fish were returned with care after some quick photos. Looking after the bass fishery in Ireland is of great importance and we can all play our part in helping stocks into the future.


For more information or to book a Guided day or Workshop get in touch using the contact page.