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Wexford Bass


As some of you may know after much planning and preparations I spent all last week working closely with Inland Fisheries Ireland liaising and guiding media personnel to promote the local fishing and all that Wexford as a tourist location can offer.

Wexford and the surrounding areas offer superb fishing for many species of fish with plenty of quality accommodation and local amenities to avail of. Angling in Wexford and indeed throughout Ireland is a very important and valuable resource enjoyed by many from near and far.


Forecast in advance of the trip was far from ideal with ongoing Easterly based winds showing no sign of swinging to the preferred warmer air flow of Southerly or South-West winds. As always in advance of arrival the forecast was explained to the guys and its implications from a fishing point of view was understood.

Managing realistic expectations from day to day is a difficult thing for a guide to do but when working with such professional anglers who realize the influences and limitations of the fishery and importantly adjust expectations accordingly makes for a positive attitude to begin with.

.Casting on the Wexford coast    Surf

Bass fishing is not easy especially fishing using only the fly which was our chosen method for most of the week. Using a lure rod you can cover a large volume of water in a short period of time but with the fly your limited to short casts often made challenging because of wind or wave action.

With the huge amounts of bait fish present recently catching fish on the fly was even made more difficult as fish cruised around with full stomachs often following our selected fly’s or gently plucking them being much more selective about there feeding than normal.

Fishing rods of 9 feet in length anything from a #7 – #10 with intermediate and floating weight forward lines we managed to catch some well conditioned fish up to 60cm in length throughout the week but it was a challenge!

Irish bass

.DSC_0047      Fly caught Wexford Bass

We fished hard all week to produce fish covering many miles in stunning locations with some superb visuals. Overall it seemed small to medium flies tied sparse seemed to receive the most interest but some big flies were fished in one locality to represent bigger bait fish and joey mackerel resulted in a good fish attacking Andy’s superbly tied fly, I will perhaps leave Andy to tell that story from what we appropriately named as ‘Rocky Hollow’…..

Sunrise over Wexford

Although a challenging week it was thoroughly enjoyable meeting many new faces, visiting special places creating memory’s to last a lifetime. Thanks again guys!




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