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Fly Fishing Wexford


Last week I had the pleasure of welcoming Inland Fisheries Ireland staff and associated visiting anglers/journalists to Wexford for the second year in a row with only one thing on our minds, catching Bass on the fly.

Forecast for the week looked tough with moderate to strong Easterly based air flows predicted along with extremely bright sunshine dominating each day of fishing. Fishing bass on the fly is by no means easy even under ideal conditions but it was clear from early on in the trip that the bass were going to be hard caught.


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8 and 9 WT single handed rods were loaded with various floating and intermediate shooting lines, cameras prepared, glasses cleaned and sun cream put on in anticipation for the fishing ahead. Fishing was focused in estuary’s early in the week which showed signs of life with fish spotted in waves, some smaller fish landed and the odd ‘bump’ as flies swung in the ebb tide, it was not however productive enough so we moved much further South to mixed ground covering miles of coastline in search of ‘holding fish’ so to speak.




Despite the challenging conditions there was some fish landed on various fly’s from Lefty’s Deceiver’s, Hollow fly’s and small baitfish imitations but more often than not fish simply followed or ‘plucked’ at even the most sparsely tied patterns retrieved at various speeds.

Not easy! and it seemed we were not the only anglers struggling as some other visiting lure anglers some of whom we knew from previous excursions were also struggling, they a group of 5 were covering huge areas of water each day for what seemed like minimal return for lure angling.


DSC_0756.. DSC_0720.


Massive thanks must go to Markus, Shane, Rudy, Mario and Christin for making the week so enjoyable in what were at times quite challenging conditions for fly fishing, not that it seemed to deter you folks from fishing at every given opportunity! Working with such professional people (and top class fly anglers I must add) is a pleasure, lets hope we can chuck some flies again in the near future.






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