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The 2015 Challenge


Well what can I say, 2015 has been a great year in many respects but a very difficult fishing season for anglers of all disciplines let alone a guide who makes a living from it. For the past 5 weeks the weather has for not the first time this year refused to cooperate which brought me thinking of my options to wet a line.

Somewhere where I have been meaning to fish for years now but for many reasons I simply didn’t get around to fishing is Adaire Springs trout fishery near Mooncoin Co.Kilkenny.  I have been there a number of times over the past few weeks and have had some superb fishing on the fly with three double figure fish two rainbows and one brown amongst a good stamp of smaller fish but still quality fish.

Ned has set up what I believe to be a superb fishery for many reasons, I wont get into why it is such a fantastic fishery but I will simply say that it is unlike any other such facility available and go fish it, Its being built and run properly with attention to detail  and quality fish you simply don’t get elsewhere.


Happy Christmas to all and tight lines for 2016!


Big Trout!


When the winds swing…


Fly Fishing Wexford

Last week I had the pleasure of welcoming Inland Fisheries Ireland staff and associated visiting anglers/journalists to Wexford for the second year in a row with only one thing on our minds, catching Bass on the fly.

Forecast for the week looked tough with moderate to strong Easterly based air flows predicted along with extremely bright sunshine dominating each day of fishing. Fishing bass on the fly is by no means easy even under ideal conditions but it was clear from early on in the trip that the bass were going to be hard caught.


.  DSC_0714 .   DSC_0735


8 and 9 WT single handed rods were loaded with various floating and intermediate shooting lines, cameras prepared, glasses cleaned and sun cream put on in anticipation for the fishing ahead. Fishing was focused in estuary’s early in the week which showed signs of life with fish spotted in waves, some smaller fish landed and the odd ‘bump’ as flies swung in the ebb tide, it was not however productive enough so we moved much further South to mixed ground covering miles of coastline in search of ‘holding fish’ so to speak.




Despite the challenging conditions there was some fish landed on various fly’s from Lefty’s Deceiver’s, Hollow fly’s and small baitfish imitations but more often than not fish simply followed or ‘plucked’ at even the most sparsely tied patterns retrieved at various speeds.

Not easy! and it seemed we were not the only anglers struggling as some other visiting lure anglers some of whom we knew from previous excursions were also struggling, they a group of 5 were covering huge areas of water each day for what seemed like minimal return for lure angling.


DSC_0756.. DSC_0720.


Massive thanks must go to Markus, Shane, Rudy, Mario and Christin for making the week so enjoyable in what were at times quite challenging conditions for fly fishing, not that it seemed to deter you folks from fishing at every given opportunity! Working with such professional people (and top class fly anglers I must add) is a pleasure, lets hope we can chuck some flies again in the near future.






Garfish on surface lures! Not an everyday catch but highly enjoyable. DSC_0572

Big Fish, Little Fish…

Mackerel on jigs and  micro poppers along with Codling and various rockpool species on ultra light gear proving great sport of late, one word – Fun!


First Of Many…

Andrew travelled down from Dublin to spend a day bass fishing in the South East last week, an early morning start fishing over mixed ground proved difficult as bass cruised around doing little more than following any lure cast despite best efforts using  various size and translucent lures.




We then left the first location an hour earlier than planned to have some lunch and fish the second location an estuary mark where before long Andrew struck into his first bass this year which was in superb condition taken a soft plastic lure swung in the strong tidal flow.


Returning Bass safely and efficiently to fight another day is an important part of what we as anglers can do to protect stocks, with bass being such a slow growing fish each one we return back really does make a difference. As a guide observing clients reactions as they catch and release fish is a great feeling.




If you would like to book a guided trip or workshop get in touch using the contact page for quotations and availability.

Tight Lines!

Right Place, Right Time….


Scale Magazine

Scale Magazine


The above image taken from the latest issue of the fantastic web magazine from Scale which is now out and available to view by clicking here or at the below link. It includes an article on page 172 onwards entitled ‘High Moon’ which looks back on a press trip that took place earlier this year along the South Wexford coastline. Also in the Guides Quarterly section from page 218 onwards there is a short piece from myself highlighting three flies used on a regular basis when guiding and fishing along the Irish coast.


All in all Scale Magazine is well worth following, the creative content and especially the image quality is simply superb !







Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized Sunglasses

Its simple, as well as the safety aspect polarized glasses are a tool which assist greatly in catching fish.

Earlier this year I purchased a pair of Amber Flying Fisherman Boca Grande glasses which I am very happy with for most fishing situations except very bright days when a darker lens such as grey is naturally more favourable. Wearing a quality pair of polarized glasses increases awareness and allows you to achieve a much better understanding of your surroundings.

You can purchase a pair for as little as €20 which is less than the price of many modern lures on the market these days but I would advise spending a little more if budget allows as the quality will increase greatly as will the protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays.

If you do not own a pair for fishing you really should !


A Week In Wexford

Gabriel and Patrick visited Wexford last week for five days of guided fishing. The aim was to fish for many species using various methods with some Bass high on the agenda.

Before there arrival the weather was very poor so I contacted them in advance to explain the situation and challenges it would present but the guys were committed to travelling to Ireland for there weeks vacation. I collected Lugworm’s in Dublin for the week ahead and gathered some crab from a local estuary to ensure plenty of quality fresh and frozen bait was available.




Bait angling using Peeler crab, Lugworm and Mackerel  produced the best fishing with some cracking estuary flounder and some bass landed too during the week. Even when bait fishing light tackle was used which is very sporting and great fun while playing fish.

The mackerel are still about too, we had some during daylight hours at a rock mark.




Fishing was not hectic but despite this fish were landed every day with a total of 15 different species of fish caught by the end of the week, not bad considering we were not actually on a species hunt. Gabriel and Patrick fished hard all week and were rewarded with some good sized fish along with the smaller ones which they also enjoyed catching on ultra light gear, many of the fish caught were a new species for them with the bass being the most special of course.


.. DSC_0379 flounder DSC_0386






Thanks guys it was a very relaxing and enjoyable week, hopefully we can do it again in the near future.










The Challenge

Jim travelled down from the midlands during the week to participate in a bespoke workshop with one thing on his mind, to become a proficient saltwater fly angler.

In the afternoon we discussed the ‘need to know’ information required to successfully target Bass, Sea Trout and Pollack on the fly then moved on to some casting and fishing techniques in a quiet and peaceful estuary. Despite having limited fly casting experience Jim promptly advanced his casting and fishing skills. The challenge begins ….


Fly Casting









South West Silver

With the winds blowing predominantly from the east for many weeks resulting in challenging fishing and a degree of frustration at times it was a huge relief to finally have some South West winds this week combining with a new moon cycle which provided some fantastic opportunities to catch some silver.




Fish were caught on the lure and fly with a chartreuse over white deceiver pattern proving its worth along with some small surf candy’s tied sparse to represent sandeel’s.


fly caught bass


The vast majority of fish caught this year by myself and clients have been off the top with the lucky craft Gunfish being especially productive in provoking fish into attacking. Fishing surface lures and fly’s is my own personal prefered tactic as the visual aspect is superb.


Lucky craft gunnish


Many fish were caught throughout the week with the biggest being about seven pounds. Fish at this time of year are generally in superb condition feeding hard before water temperatures drop and the mass of bait fish currently available decreases. I have been taking more scale samples this week for the National Bass Programme, If you would like to assist simply contact Inland Fisheries Ireland for a pack by clicking HERE.


September Sunrise      Bass caught in Wexford



Lets hope the weather remains mild and the fish keep biting.









Wexford Bass

As some of you may know after much planning and preparations I spent all last week working closely with Inland Fisheries Ireland liaising and guiding media personnel to promote the local fishing and all that Wexford as a tourist location can offer.

Wexford and the surrounding areas offer superb fishing for many species of fish with plenty of quality accommodation and local amenities to avail of. Angling in Wexford and indeed throughout Ireland is a very important and valuable resource enjoyed by many from near and far.


Forecast in advance of the trip was far from ideal with ongoing Easterly based winds showing no sign of swinging to the preferred warmer air flow of Southerly or South-West winds. As always in advance of arrival the forecast was explained to the guys and its implications from a fishing point of view was understood.

Managing realistic expectations from day to day is a difficult thing for a guide to do but when working with such professional anglers who realize the influences and limitations of the fishery and importantly adjust expectations accordingly makes for a positive attitude to begin with.

.Casting on the Wexford coast    Surf

Bass fishing is not easy especially fishing using only the fly which was our chosen method for most of the week. Using a lure rod you can cover a large volume of water in a short period of time but with the fly your limited to short casts often made challenging because of wind or wave action.

With the huge amounts of bait fish present recently catching fish on the fly was even made more difficult as fish cruised around with full stomachs often following our selected fly’s or gently plucking them being much more selective about there feeding than normal.

Fishing rods of 9 feet in length anything from a #7 – #10 with intermediate and floating weight forward lines we managed to catch some well conditioned fish up to 60cm in length throughout the week but it was a challenge!

Irish bass

.DSC_0047      Fly caught Wexford Bass

We fished hard all week to produce fish covering many miles in stunning locations with some superb visuals. Overall it seemed small to medium flies tied sparse seemed to receive the most interest but some big flies were fished in one locality to represent bigger bait fish and joey mackerel resulted in a good fish attacking Andy’s superbly tied fly, I will perhaps leave Andy to tell that story from what we appropriately named as ‘Rocky Hollow’…..

Sunrise over Wexford

Although a challenging week it was thoroughly enjoyable meeting many new faces, visiting special places creating memory’s to last a lifetime. Thanks again guys!


Fishing Hard

I have teamed up with some experienced visiting anglers this week for some media work targeting Bass on the fly. It is a challenge fishing the fly but we are fishing hard and will continue to do so to boost catch rate as the week goes on. 

Full report at a later stage. 

Fly Caught Bass







Busy tying some fly’s for next weeks fluff chucking, and keeping a sharp eye on the weather forecast… 

Fly Tying