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Pawel Strikes Silver

Pawel did not waste any time applying his skills developed from last weeks lure fishing workshop. He happily shared this picture with me today of a 48cm bass caught on a IMA Komomo.

I am sure he will have a successful 2014 bass fishing along Waterford’s Copper Coast.

Copper coast bass


Brown Trout

Returning a fly caught brown troutIts the time of year again when the Brown Trout fishing on local waters comes to an end so It would be rude not to put an effort in to catch some fly caught brownies before the 2013 season draws to a close.

During the summer the fishing in local rivers and stillwater’s became difficult due to low water levels and bright conditions. Of course catching fish is still possible in such conditions but compared to when water levels are more favourable there is no comparison as far as catch rate is concerned. Recent rainfall has produced much improved freshwater fishing opportunities as this report shows.

fly caught brown trout#4 and #5 wt fly rods loaded with floating double tapered and weight forward lines, long leaders and beaded nymph variations caught these hard fighting fish. Many presentations can be promptly altered by adapting the weight of the fly’s and length of leader and of course retrieve type.

fly caught brown trout

The photo above shows a nice sized mature male fish which is easily identified by the strongly curved or upturned lower jaw, Great fighting fish on 5wt tackle!


Fly fishing for bass under the moonlit sky.Yesterday evening was spent eagerly waiting for a weather pattern to emerge not wanting to miss any opportunity.

Saltwater fly fishing for Bass under the bright moonlit sky as the wind swung south west and increased in speed was challenging but very rewarding.

Casting flies into headwinds, battling with oxygenated rich waves as the fast incoming tide pushes white water around your boots is all part of the Irish Bass fishing experience, As is the anticipation of hooking into that big fish and seeing the line rush off the reel as you assure yourself that all knots and loops are in order and sufficient backing clinches the end of the spool.

The rod of choice last night was the Echo Edge 9ft  #8 that and much more swff equipment is available here. Self made tapered leaders and various flies were cast on Guideline coastal & Scientific angler lines loaded on Vision Koma and Okuma Airframe reels.

September Bass

Currently the Bass are in prime condition and fighting hard to prove it. Conditions were favourable yesterday to fish some specific locations into darkness. Standard lure fishing tackle was used with an 8ft rod rated to cast 10-40gm and matching 3000 sized reel loaded with 20lb braid. Soft stickbait lures rigged weedless landed all the fish last night retrieved very slowly across weed beds and rocky outcrops.

Bass on soft plastic

The fishing is tough and has been for some time now but this time of year with the Bass in such good condition you never know what can happen if you get out there and put the work in fishing as effectively as possible.

Night caught bass on lureNight fishing using fly or lures can be difficult transition at first but rewarding once you build up confidence. Many locations produce more fish in darkness and some venues produce only at night.

Just don’t take notice of the strange sounds and wildlife or get too spooked!

Bait Collection Workshops

Bait Digging and collection

Do you struggle to get the fresh bait you require when you want it? Have you considered collecting your own but feel it is too much commitment or too difficult?

Here at SEAS we can show you the skills and equipment you need to collect your own quality bait and store it effectively. Having a large range of quality baits is something often overlooked and as a result many anglers catch less fish or a smaller range of species when fishing.

LimpetsCollecting your own bait is much more cost effective than purchasing it and the more organized you are the cheaper it becomes. Preparation is the key to catching fish and it is well known that the most successful anglers are the most prepared.

Advice is given on how to get the best out of your baits including correct presentations, tidal sequences, weather, seasons and much more tips, tricks and techniques. Everything you need to know is covered in this workshop from the very basic to the more advanced. It consists of two parts the discussion or theory indoors and the hands on part when we collect some bait.

RagwormEach workshop is bespoke to your requirements and locations also remain flexible where possible. If you would like to book simply get in touch by using the contact page. Bookings are available for the full twelve months of the year for all our services to suit you the angler.

South East Ireland

A small taste of what the local area can offer.

LRF Flounders

Flounders can be found pretty much everywhere and with the right tackle can be good sport. If you only have the chance to fish for a short period of time during the week it’s so handy to grab the rod, reel and some lures and before you know it your catching some flatties. Tackle used during today’s session was simple, inexpensive but effective.

Flounder on lures lrf

LRF Flounder   Flounder on Lures

Saltwater Fly Fishing

One very capable and determined German customer spent a Guided day in Wexford recently saltwater fly fishing in what were very challenging conditions for many reasons.

Saltwater Fly

Having previously explained that conditions would be so difficult he remained quite happy to fish and by day end after fishing hard all day went home feeling happy having experienced a small taste of what the Wexford coastline can offer.

Saltwater Fly Fishing

It is very easy to get accustomed to the locations we visit regularly as anglers and as a result we often take many things for granted. The Irish coastline and its picturesque surroundings are truly magical.

Fly Tying

I feel confidence is a huge part of angling regardless of what you are trying to achieve. Much of my personal confidence when saltwater fly fishing comes from using flies which I have tied myself such as the ones below.

Clouser minnow

The fly boxes are always full so customers availing of Guided days or Workshops will have the option to use such flies as the ones posted here and many more patterns.

Mini Candy Fly

Most of the flies are tied using Sakuma 410’s in sizes ranging from 4 to 2/0. The best quality available synthetic and natural materials are used when building the flies.

Feathers and bucktail Bucktail blend

Fly tying is something I took up a few years back and something I enjoy doing and will continue to improve at over time. I look forward to posting pictures of flies here in the future and indeed pictures that prove there effectiveness.

South East Angling Services clouser minnow

Great Locations, Great company . . .

… And some fish.

The last few day’s were spent out on the water in search of Bass on lures and the fish were much obliged to take once an effort was made to ‘get out there’ and put the hours in as productively as possible.

Visiting Anglers

Tuesday morning started off tough but slight changes were made which proved to be correct as it resulted in many fish caught over two different locations. Some special times were had as for a period of time a large shoal of bass boiled on the surface feeding on sandeels and the gannets and terns dived after the same prey not more than forty meters from my rod tip. All that activity of course resulted in the reel screaming line as the fish took hard and fast. A fair days angling was had using mainly soft lures such as Xlayers, Slug-go’s , Wave worms, Senko’s etc and Duo tide minnow being the hard lure of choice on the day.

Wednesday was a harder days fishing all round with some weed about in the margins of some of the chosen venues but there was fish landed on the surface and indeed below on the usual array of hard surface lures and soft plastic lures rigged weedless to make life easy.There was a number of us fishing throughout the long days angling including some visiting friends from the Isle Of Man which insured the Jokes were flowing all day long. It is not always about catching huge numbers of fish in my opinion it is the angling experience as a whole that creates a day such as yesterday that any angler would remember for some time to come.

Click on any photo below to view the album in full.Wexford Bass

Just to update there is currently a competition taking place on the South East Angling Services Facebook page to win a days free Guided fishing or Workshop. Entering is easy simply like the SEAS Facebook page and also share and like the competition photo.

Inland Fisheries Ireland – Request for assistance


IFI has established a National Bass Programme to collect data on bass in order to provide scientific advice to support management and conservation of Ireland’s bass resource. Bass is Ireland’s only marine fish species which is managed for angling.

The programme is being developed to determine the status of bass stocks and also to improve understanding of their ecology and biology in Ireland for the long-term sustainability of the species.

All assistance with the National Bass Programme would be greatly appreciated. If you would be interested in sending IFI bass scale samples, we can provide you with a scale envelope pack.

This is a step in the correct direction in my opinion and Inland Fisheries Ireland really need help to maximise this projects potential. To learn more about the National Bass Programme follow this link: http://www.fisheriesireland.ie/Projects/national-bass-programme.html

Also when on topic if you see any illegal activity or wish to report pollution contact your local fisheries officer or the 24 hour contact hotline 1890 34 74 24.


Pollack blitz

Well what can I say the weather we have had the past month has been fantastic. It would be rude not to go fishing so that’s exactly what I have been doing. Pollack are a great species to target with lrf gear as the sport can be fast and the takes furious. I had a session recently that was intended to concentrate more on wrasse but the sheer amount of pollack attacking baits made it hard to get the soft lures down through the water levels. I fished 2gm-3.5gm heads and done some dropshotting for the pollack too using all manner of soft baits. DSCF2738DSCF2733DSCF2729

Before the tide flooded into some large pools I took the opportunity to scale the gear down even further to a 1gm ball jig head with a size 12 hook. Took several scorpion fish on a small section of gulp sandworm before going back to fish the pollack into darkness – Pure madness thereafter as pollack were landed every cast until I decided to call it a night.


There is currently a competition running to win a free days saltwater guided fishing or workshop of your choice. Check out the SEAS Facebook page for more information. Good luck to all who enter.

Team Ireland

Irish shore angling teams set off last week on a journey to north Wales to compete in the 2013 Home International Championships. I myself know the huge amount of preparation that these events require. For many months previous both anglers and organisers put a huge amount of time, effort and funding into ensuring these events are a success.


Four IFSA Irish teams including u16, u21, Men and Ladies took to the Welsh beaches in what was tough fishing overall.

Final medal positions:-

Gold – England 31 points
Silver – Ireland 28 points
Bronze – Wales 21 points
D/Bronze – Scotland 15 points

Gold – Wales 34 points
Silver – England 31 points
Bronze – Ireland 18 points
D/Bronze Scotland 17 points

Gold – Wales 21 points
Silver – England – 18 points
Bronze Ireland 8 points

Gold – Wales 30 points
Silver – Ireland 26 points *
Bronze – England 26 points *
D/Bronze – Scotland 17 points

Well done to all anglers and team managers involved in the event.


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Light rock fun

Some great fun was had the past few days fishing Lrf style using many techniques and various soft lures. It really is a great way to get out on the rocks during those sunny spells and have good sport on light tackle.  The beauty of fishing so light and refined is that you never really know what your going to pick up next. If you would like to discover some of the light rock fishing the area has to offer why not book a guided day or a workshop.


DSCF2650   DSCF2630

On another note check out the recent post made here by Jim at Probassfisher.

Some kind and encouraging words from Jim and isn’t it just great to be able to work to each others advantage not against. Onwards and upwards in the current economic situation.

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It’s always advantageous to have a coastline that offers a good variety of available target species. South East Ireland offers just that to the angler who is prepared to quickly adapt to take full advantage of the sport on offer. With high pressure, calm seas and good tides conditions were certainly on our side.

Tope 1

This particular session produced a couple of hard fighting shore caught Tope with the biggest being about the 25 lbs mark. All fish were landed on pulley rigs with 6/0 Sakuma hooks baited with mackerel fillets and were released after some quick photos.

Stiff 13ft beach casting rods with standard sized Penn and Abu multipliers are required to cast big mackerel baits long distances. 15lb Berkley Big Game is my line of choice down to a 60lb shockleader.