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Scale Magazine

Scale Magazine


The above image taken from the latest issue of the fantastic web magazine from Scale which is now out and available to view by clicking here or at the below link. It includes an article on page 172 onwards entitled ‘High Moon’ which looks back on a press trip that took place earlier this year along the South Wexford coastline. Also in the Guides Quarterly section from page 218 onwards there is a short piece from myself highlighting three flies used on a regular basis when guiding and fishing along the Irish coast.


All in all Scale Magazine is well worth following, the creative content and especially the image quality is simply superb !








A Week In Wexford

Gabriel and Patrick visited Wexford last week for five days of guided fishing. The aim was to fish for many species using various methods with some Bass high on the agenda.

Before there arrival the weather was very poor so I contacted them in advance to explain the situation and challenges it would present but the guys were committed to travelling to Ireland for there weeks vacation. I collected Lugworm’s in Dublin for the week ahead and gathered some crab from a local estuary to ensure plenty of quality fresh and frozen bait was available.




Bait angling using Peeler crab, Lugworm and Mackerel  produced the best fishing with some cracking estuary flounder and some bass landed too during the week. Even when bait fishing light tackle was used which is very sporting and great fun while playing fish.

The mackerel are still about too, we had some during daylight hours at a rock mark.




Fishing was not hectic but despite this fish were landed every day with a total of 15 different species of fish caught by the end of the week, not bad considering we were not actually on a species hunt. Gabriel and Patrick fished hard all week and were rewarded with some good sized fish along with the smaller ones which they also enjoyed catching on ultra light gear, many of the fish caught were a new species for them with the bass being the most special of course.


.. DSC_0379 flounder DSC_0386






Thanks guys it was a very relaxing and enjoyable week, hopefully we can do it again in the near future.










Lucky Craft Gunfish


A very enjoyable day today preparing for tomorrows customer, looking forward to a hard days work in the ‘office’ tomorrow.




One lure that is always in my box during the warmer months is the Lucky Craft Gunfish, Proved its worth yet again today in what was a very interesting day on the Wexford coast.


Bass caught on surface lure


Sunny Wexford

bass fishing wexford


Niall and John visited Wexford for some Bass fishing earlier in the week, Some fish were provoked into attacking surface lures but overall its tough going along the coast.

Thanks again lads hopefully we can do it again in the future, was an enjoyable day with plenty of laughs throughout.

Surface Action – Bass

Lucky Craft Gunnish lureAs you gaze patiently at your lure popping,walking or skimming the waters surface excitement and confidence builds with each and every cast, seeing a bass following a lure often attempting to grab the lure several times before attacking the lure with full force then stripping braid off your reel at speed is quite an exciting spectacle to say the least.


Myself and Billy fished using nothing only surface lures on a few occasions this week producing fish in pristine condition to about 6lbs weight. Lures such as Heddon Super Spook, Yo-Zuri Mag Poppers and Lucky Craft Gunfish were attacked just meters from the shoreline.


07-145      6lbs bass

All fish were returned with care after some quick photos. Looking after the bass fishery in Ireland is of great importance and we can all play our part in helping stocks into the future.


For more information or to book a Guided day or Workshop get in touch using the contact page.









Hook Lighthouse

Hook Head lighthouse


Hook Lighthouse on the famous Hook Peninsula is the oldest operational lighthouse in the World.

Well worth visiting when in the Wexford area as many customers choose too.

Smooth Hound’s

Smooth Hounds (Mustelas asterias) provide great sport during the summer months with Wexford beaches showing large numbers of hard fighting smoothies each year, double figure specimens are always a strong possibility. Common and Starry Smooth Hound are a both members of the shark family.

Bait fishing using fresh or frozen peeler crab baits is the most common method. When peeler is not available Hermit crab is a good alternative as can Ragworm be especially when hounds are available in large numbers.  Recent sessions saw plenty of smoothies caught along with the occasional dogfish.


smooth hound


DSC_0812 fish


If you would like to successfully target Smooth Hounds get in touch to create your bespoke Workshop or Guided day, all equipment and baits are provided where needed and a great overall experience is always on the cards.




Wexford Wildfowl Reserve

See and do in the South East















Estuary Flounder

Estuary’s are a special place to be any time of the year in my opinion, I spend a great amount of time in estuary’s throughout the country fishing or often time is simply spent walking, kayaking, boating or just observing the surroundings. Species such as Bass, Sea Trout, Flounder, Gilthead Bream and Mullet are the most sought after estuarine fish and can be targeted using bait, lure or fly methods.

Estuary sun

A few hours were spent flounder fishing yesterday in the calm upper reaches of a south coast estuary. It was a impromptu session so as a result frozen crab was the only bait option.  Tidal state was not ideal for the location either so the odds were against me from the start but I still remained confident in catching at least one flounder as water conditions were good. On location base camp was promptly formed with three hook flowing rigs strategically cast out about 10 meters from the bank.  It did not take long before the flounder showed there presence with a typical slack line take. A couple of fish were landed before sundown and carefully released back.

Flounder fishing from harbours and estuary’s generally produces fewer than the open shore but usually bigger flatties with a specimen always a possibility. Fresh crab would be first choice bait but do not let its availability put you off as frozen crab or lug will catch estuary flounder.

Flounder 13-1-14 (1)DSC_0328DSCF3055ClawFlounder 13-1-14 (2)Going back
CrabFlounder 13-1-14 (4)DSCF3058Flounder 13-1-14 (5)DSCF3057

Fisheries Bulletin 1981

Wexford harbour was where I caught my first ever fish during my school holidays many years ago, a perfectly conditioned sea bass of about three and a half pounds caught in the upper harbour on a traditional lure known locally as the German sprat or Cebar. I was was ecstatic with my hard earned catch, that feeling remains to this day. I now visit the same location to fish perhaps only once or twice a year, often with the same lure too for old times sake.

Some time ago when browsing data I found the below report by Edward Fahy in relation to the Wexford Harbour fishery which proved very interesting for many reasons. Click on the link below and have a read for yourself.


” The Wexford sea bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax) fishery is operated during most months of the year with a high
season from May to October. The fishery commenced in the’ 1950s but has shown a decline
from the first years in which statistics became available. A proportion of the commercial
catch comes from stake and ring nets with a mesh size of 18.4 cm in the round. Both take
fish of similar fork length. Bass of 30-43 cm were the- majority of those retained and they
were mainly immatures. The smallest mature female examined in 1978 was a 6 + of 36.5 cm
fork length. The greater part of the commercial catch is taken by line’. Some details of the
biology of bass in south east Ireland in 1978 are given: the fish fed mainly on shore crabs,
sand shrimps and bait fishes. Sex ratios were approximately two females to each male.
Growth in the mid 1970s differed little from other decades and it is concluded that bass in
Irish waters conform to’ a single growth curve which is. temporarily altered by good or bad
growing years. ”

” Of the 184 fish examined in Wexford, 35 contained no food remains. Sand
shrimps Crangon vulgaris (Fab.) were numerically most important although some of the shore crabs Carcinus maenus (L.) were large (maximum carapace width 7 cm) and their total volume approached that of sand shrimps ”

Click here to see the full document.

Source: Marine Institute (Fisheries Bulletin No.3 1981 – Edward Fahy)




Brown Trout

Returning a fly caught brown troutIts the time of year again when the Brown Trout fishing on local waters comes to an end so It would be rude not to put an effort in to catch some fly caught brownies before the 2013 season draws to a close.

During the summer the fishing in local rivers and stillwater’s became difficult due to low water levels and bright conditions. Of course catching fish is still possible in such conditions but compared to when water levels are more favourable there is no comparison as far as catch rate is concerned. Recent rainfall has produced much improved freshwater fishing opportunities as this report shows.

fly caught brown trout#4 and #5 wt fly rods loaded with floating double tapered and weight forward lines, long leaders and beaded nymph variations caught these hard fighting fish. Many presentations can be promptly altered by adapting the weight of the fly’s and length of leader and of course retrieve type.

fly caught brown trout

The photo above shows a nice sized mature male fish which is easily identified by the strongly curved or upturned lower jaw, Great fighting fish on 5wt tackle!

Screaming Reels

playing a nice fish

A boat session this week with some German customers produced some bent rods and noisy reels with seven species landed over a short morning session. Simple two hook flowing rigs worked on the day with the baits being fresh peeler crab, fresh mackerel and ragworms mounted on Sakuma hooks. Light tackle on the boat is a pleasure to use and a much more sporting outfit to play fish on provided you land fish correctly and without stress.

screaming reel

Species landed were:

Dragonet, Mackerel, Smooth Hound, Gurnard, LSD, Bull Huss, Sand Dab.


Paul and John spent two days in Wexford this week with the aim to improve there lure fishing skills. They are both very capable anglers having focused previously on catching Brown Trout in rivers. Of course the rivers are not always suitable to fish due to water levels being poor at times so as a result they wisely chose to have a second resort to fall back on which is saltwater lure fishing.

LRF Pollack Wexford

Lrf WexfordA two day workshop was spent learning new techniques and methods both on and off the water. Light Rock Fishing was the main point of interest with a crossover also into the similar but somewhat heavier Hard Rock Fishing.

LRF Ballan Wrasse

Over the two days we fished in four very different locations so the lads could get a feel for the various challenges and opportunities each area represents. The second day the wind really got up and made it difficult at times to fish ultra light but some new species were landed and fun was had.

Paul and John remained focused and caught a good number of fish on each venue and go home happy and determined to use what they have learned during there short stay here in Wexford and apply it to there own local venues.

It was a pleasure to work with such good company over the two days and I am delighted that they go home happy with the skills required to catch more fish. They go home having experienced not only the fishing but the local history, scenery and some good Wexford eateries too.

South East Ireland

A small taste of what the local area can offer.

LRF Flounders

Flounders can be found pretty much everywhere and with the right tackle can be good sport. If you only have the chance to fish for a short period of time during the week it’s so handy to grab the rod, reel and some lures and before you know it your catching some flatties. Tackle used during today’s session was simple, inexpensive but effective.

Flounder on lures lrf

LRF Flounder   Flounder on Lures